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  • xdialog - a Python Wrapper for the Xdialog program
  • auth-modules - a module collection for authentication purposes
  • - Yet another templating module with support for embedded Python code
  • bib2ltx - converts a XML bibliographic database into a LaTeX formatted listing


A Python wrapper for the  Xdialog program. This module eases the use of Xdialog in your Python scripts. Every dialog is wrapped in a Python class that handles the details of calling Xdialog and getting the return values.

Needs Python >= 2.0 and Xdialog >= 2.0 (the basic dialogs also work with older versions).

Download version 0.3 (20k)

05/02/2002 (Version 0.3)
  • example scripts included
  • more docstrings
  • many bugfixes
  • more dialog boxes


This Python module collection provides functions and classes for authentication purposes and user database management. Also included are some command line scripts, examples and pydoc generated API documentation.

Download version 1.0.1b (19k)

See API docs:


Yet another templating module with support for embedded Python code. Easy to use, flexible and lightweight. I use it for maintaining my homepage.

Download the module, see the Source or view the pydoc generated API documentation.

10/21/2002 (Version 1.1)
  • now works recursively
  • some bugs fixed


A script that takes a database of bibliographic entries in XML format and outputs a LaTeX file with a nicely formatted list for printing. See the included README file for more.

Download the archive (4k) or see see the Source.